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Digital Alignment Survey


Thank you for your interest in RTI Innovation Advisors' Digital Alignment Survey (DAS).

Throughout our decades of innovation advising experience, we have seen that the right frameworks can help leaders effectively transform their organizations. The Digital Alignment Survey (DAS) systematically and comprehensively assesses your organization’s ongoing digital transformation through six key lenses. Each lens focuses on a fundamental aspect of digital maturity and the results allow you to understand your organization's digital strengths, gaps and alignment across the organization when taken by multiple business functions.

The corporate vision for digital transformation, how to achieve it and alignment with the existing corporate strategy.

The organizational design, governance, and teams established to execute the digital strategy.

The allocation of people, time and funding for digital transformation efforts.

Culture & Change Management
Existing beliefs, actions, incentives and norms that influence culture as well as the communication, collaboration, and training regarding the digital transformation initiative.

Technology & Data
The information technology infrastructure, digital systems, and data management needed for digital transformation. 

Opportunities & Offerings
How digital opportunities and offerings are viewed and acted upon by the organization. 

We take your privacy very seriously. Your personal information, responses and results will remain confidential or anonymized.  Data may be anonymized and aggregated to research digital transformation and to make survey improvements.  We will not use survey data for any other purpose.  For additional details, please refer to RTI International’s privacy policy which sets out the ways in which personal information you provide to us is used and kept secure by RTI.
Please note that all questions require a response to continue. In most questions, the survey will present a statement or a set of statements and ask you to indicate the extent of your agreement or disagreement. 
How do we use this data? We use your responses to provide you with customized recommendations and a set of resources via follow-up email for advancing your digital transformation.